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  • [the ceremony of depositing th
    2020-09-29 Hits:428 Recommendation:0
    Hello, this is Neocl.
    On Friday, September 18th, the Green Disability Foundation donation ceremony was held. We donated 1000 Joyden, a comprehensive disinfectant.
    Chairman Seok-won told us about what the Green Disabled Foundation is doing....
  • Korea Disinfection System-Neoc
    2020-09-29 Hits:430 Recommendation:0
    Hello! It is Neocl.
    A signing ceremony was held for strategic business alliance with the Korean disinfection system on Friday, September 9th.
    Korea Disinfection System is a company that strives to disinfect various fields such as air conditioner filters and masks....
  • [the ceremony of depositing th
    2020-09-29 Hits:453 Recommendation:0
    A donation ceremony was held at the Iksan Military Academy on September 9th (Fri).
    Joyden, a comprehensive disinfectant, was delivered through a donation ceremony.
  • [the ceremony of depositing th
    2020-09-24 Hits:435 Recommendation:0
    On September 5th, a donation ceremony was held at the largest abandoned dog center in Gunsan. Joyden, which has good sterilization and deodorization effects, is effective in preventing infectious diseases and reducing odor in abandoned dogs.
    The director of the Center for Abandoned Dogs said that 2...
  • 7LING-Neocl partnership signed
    2020-09-22 Hits:412 Recommendation:0
    Signed a business alliance with 7LING, a sterilization prevention service company
    On August 11th, we have a partnership and a business collaboration takes place.
  • Radian Qbio-Neocl partnership
    2020-09-22 Hits:464 Recommendation:0
    Partnering with Radian QBio, which manufactures and sells medical devices (AEDs).
    The partnership was established in June and business cooperation is ongoing.
  • [the ceremony of depositing th
    2020-09-21 Hits:455 Recommendation:0
    On May 28th, 1,000 disinfectants (Joyden) produced by Neocl were donated to Muju, Jinan, and Jangsu fire departments.
    I was able to hear the operation, equipment and situation of Muju, Jinan, and Jangsu fire stations.
    It was a donation ceremony to help the local economy and neighbors in need with ......
  • [the ceremony of depositing th
    2020-09-21 Hits:407 Recommendation:0
    Neocl donated 100 disinfectant (Joyden) to Seongnae Middle School in Gochang.
    The opening of the school has been delayed due to the recent coronavirus.
    We hope this helps overcome the coronavirus and prevent school infections....
  • POSCO O & M visits Neocl a
    2020-05-15 Hits:532 Recommendation:0
    POSCO O & M's Executive Vice President Shim Jae-hyang, who provides comprehensive management services in the field of general real estate services, construction, and plants, visited Neocl.
    We discussed how to apply chlorine dioxide related to deodorization and sterilization, such as incinerators ma...
  • Neocl and JILGYUNGYI signed a
    2020-05-15 Hits:502 Recommendation:0
    Signed a business alliance with 'Health Care', a brand specializing in women's health (CEO Won-Seok Choi). The company plans to use a mutual win-win strategy by supplying chlorine dioxide as a raw material for sterilizing sprays and selling a spray gun called 'Mavit' from JILGYUNGYI.
    JILGYUNGYI and...
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