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[Documentary TV] Iksan Education Support Office deposited multi-purpose organic disinfectant for sc
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2020-05-11 13:53:26


The Iksan Office of Education and Support provided one thousand multipurpose disinfectants (1,5 thousand) of its own products to prepare for school and overcome Corona 19 from Neocle (representative Hanpuri), which moved into the 3rd Industrial Complex in Iksan City on May 6th. Million won).

Neocle Co., Ltd. is an eco-friendly disinfecting and deodorizing company developed using pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that can be applied to living areas that require sterilization and deodorization.

The sterilization and disinfectant deposited on this day will be distributed to the national, public, elementary, middle, and high schools in Iksan, which will start school in 3rd grade from May 13th, starting in 3rd grade in high school. And management rooms, which are used for the prevention of the overall space of student life.

President Hanpuri said, “To help prevent the spread of Corona 19, I was depositing a disinfectant to help the Iksan Office of Education a little bit.”

In response to this, Superintendent Lee Soo-kyung said, “We are doing our best to mobilize all our capabilities in the school line for the prevention of corona19 and on-line and attendance at school.” I said thank you. / Reporter Inok Park

[Source] [Documentary TV] Iksan Education Support Office deposited multipurpose antiseptic disinfectant against school opening |


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