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Rising as an Iksan investment company
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2019-03-30 11:57:16

Signed an investment agreement for 2 billion ,4950m² site in 3rd General Industrial Complex


Mayor Chung Heon-yul (right) and HanBBooRy NEOCL CEO are taking a commemorative photo at an agreement ceremony to invest in the 3rd General Industrial Complex on May 21 at Iksan City Hall.



Iksan City is attracting attention as an investment place for small and medium enterprises.

Iksan City signed an agreement and a sales agreement with NEOCLon May 21 to invest in the Third General Industrial Complex.

NEOCL will invest 2 billion won in the 4950m² site of the 3rd Industrial Complex under the agreement.

If companies operate normally, 10 new jobs will be created.

Neocle, a start-up company, is planning to produce pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that can be used in living areas that require sterilization and deodorization based on its excellent technology.

Chlorine dioxide is a non-alcoholic, non-preservative, non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredient, unlike the traditional fragrance deodorant that covers the smell with fragrance and serves to remove the substances causing the odor ...(skip)



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