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[Iksan City] (Yu) Neocycle, multi-purpose disinfectant deposit
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2020-04-22 16:00:19

Neocl (represented by Han bbu ri), who moved into Iksan's Third Industrial Complex, visited Iksan City Hall on October 21 and deposited 1,000 units of its own multi-purpose disinfectant (equivalent to 15 million won) to help overcome social disasters.

Neocl is an eco-disinfectant and deodorant company that developed a long-term preservation control technology for pure chlorine dioxide water (ClO2) that can be applied to living areas requiring sterilization and deodorization. It moved into the Iksan-3 industrial complex in November last year, and is actively engaged in projects related to quarantine and deodorization not only in Japan but also in many companies including Australia and China.

The disinfectant will be deposited at the Iksan Public Health Center after being designated as a member of the Community Cheonbuk Social Welfare Funding Association of Social Welfare.

"We decided to deposit disinfectants to help prevent the spread of corona 19. We hope the disinfectant we have deposited will help the corona virus win," said Han bbu ri.

Mayor Chung said, "Iksan is doing its best to protect against the outbreak of corona-19. Important deposited goods will help prevent infectious diseases and overcome the crisis."

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