Chlorine Dioxide

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[ Mechanism of Deodorization ]

Strong Effects

  • NeoCL-AF

    Effective for hydrogen sulfide, metrocaptans, dimethyl sulfide, ammonia, phenol, formaldehyde, etc.

  • Fragrant & other Products
    Fragrant, other Products

Oxidizes and deodorizes odors with strong oxidizing power of NEOCL-ClO2.

NEOCL-ClO2 deodorant is eco-friendly because it decomposes naturally in light and air after deodorization.

Masking effect of existing fragrances and deodorants to temporarily cover the molecules that cause bad odor with fragrance (deodorant effect is temporary)

[ Main Features-Deodorization and Sterilization at the same time! ]

  • Strong Deodorization
    Essentially eliminate the cause of the odor. Has better deodorizing power than the existing deodorant and air freshener. Can be used anywhere in the odor control of general living space, and can see fast and effective deodorizing effect in places such as smoking rooms.
  • Effective Sterilization
    Oxidizing power with strong bactericidal effect removes bacterial cell membranes quickly and effectively. Effectively removes harmful strains such as various pathogenic and food poisoning bacteria.
  • Eco-Friendly
    an eco-friendly ingredient that is oxidized in the air after strong deodorization and sterilization, leaving no residue.
  • Safety
    Non-alcoholic, non-preservative, non-toxic, and has been registered as a food additive in Korea and tThe World Health Organization (WHO) classifies chlorine dioxide as A-1, the safest standard among food additives.

[ Main Ingredients of Odor ]

odor causing materials

materials property of odor removable by NEOCL-CLO2
VOCs Smells from sick house syndrome, new cars, etc. formaldehyde,benzene,toluene,xylene
Mercaptanes onion, cabbage rotting smell methylmercaptane(CH₃SH),dimethylsulfide[(CH₃)₂S],
egg rottinng smell hydrogen sulfide(H₂S)
Nitrogen Compounds manure smell ammonia(NH₃),ethylamine(CH₃CH₂NH₂)
fish rrotting smell methylamine(CH₃NH₂),trimethylamine[(CH₃)₃N]
Aldehydes irritating, sour smell acetaldehyde(CH₃CHO), propionaldehyde
mold Removal and deodorization of all fungi of the fungus family
bacteria Elimination and deodorization of all pathogenic bacteria including viruses

[ Comparison with Third-Party Disinfection and Deodorization Products ]

NEOCL-CLO2 not only eliminates the causes of odors, but also eliminates odors.

Excellent sterilization effect.

"Cleancall" a food additive, is an alcohol disinfectant, while NEOCL-CLO2 is an oxygen disinfectant based on chlorine dioxide.

NEOCL-CLO2 has excellent sterilization efficacy, stability and nontoxicity.

property chlorine deodorant(Febreeze) alcohol disinfectant NEOCL-ClO2
deodorization no efffect (residual chlorine smell ) masking effect of odor no effect elimination of causes of odor by oxidative destruction
sterilization weak at higher pH very weak ability

no effect on bacillus

effective at neutral pH

6 times more strong efffect than chlorine

Comprehensive sterilization and disinfection of harmful microorganisms, pathogens and viruses

eco-friendly Produces various carcinogens (trihalomethane, haloacetic acid, haloacetonitrile, etc.) none none Eco-friendly "environmental label" certification
safety safe skin irritation & damage Harmless to human body (environmental "environmental label" certification and KFDA / FDA approval)

Regeneration of bacteria

Weak ability to remove heavy metals

fabric deodorant high brand power

various flavor


stay long in water

Control of bacterial regrowth

Elimination of toxic heavy metals such as iron, manganese and phenol

Low brand awareness as a latecomer