Business Overview

R&D company with unique environmental purification technology

Mid-Long term Vision

Aquarium/Fish Farm

Market Status

634 fish farms operating nationwide on land.

Antibiotics administered to prevent the disease

Difficult to treat fish disease under the regulation of the authorities.

Aquarium-operated restaurants have trouble removing moss in the aquarium.

Complete development of green algae, red algae remover and moss remover in the first half of 2020

Target: Local governments, aquaculture companies, famous sushi and Japanese restaurants, and ornamental fish tank manufacturers

Baby Products Disinfectants

Market Status: A new market that does not exist in Korea yet

Partnership Chinese Company (more than 200 infant-related goods stores in China) entering the Chinese market

Patent application and independent brand launch

Disinfection & Protective Equipment

Develop our own brand product through technology alliance with professional defense equipment company

Providing manufacturers of defense equipment by developing defense cartridges

Medical Device/Dental Waterline / Hospital Sanitary Equipment

Most of the domestic dental waterline market is ozone sterilized.

Technical partnership with existing dental medical device distributors and development of chlorine dioxide waterline system (to be completed in the second half of 2020)

Separate business of medical devices and hospital disinfectants after disinfectant product approval (2nd half of 2020)

Funeral Supplies-corpse Cleaning Solvents, Shroud Disinfection

Chlorine dioxide is an eco-friendly disinfectant that does not generate harmful substances as a substitute for existing formalin-based disinfectants: corpse disinfection

Construction of sales network for national funeral associations and funeral homes in progress: scheduled for completion in the first half of 2002

Expected full-scale operation after disinfectant product approval (2H20)

Pharmaceuticals-Antibacterial Ointment

Development of pharmaceuticals such as antibacterial ointment through technology cooperation with pharmaceutical companies

Technical cooperation with 5 pharmaceutical companies and development of basic formulation

OEM or ODM production through partnership with existing pharmaceutical companies