Chlorine Dioxide

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Sterilization Mechanism of NEOCL-ClO2

Erradication of harmful Germ

  • NeoCL

    Effective for over 700 species including super bacteria, food poisoning Escherichia coli (O157), Staphylococcus aureus, resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Salmorella, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  • other agents

    In the case of general medicine, the bactericidal effect is effective, but the resistance to the drug is high.


It is effective to remove bacteria to effectively eliminate the formation of odor-causing metabolites and by-products.

In the case of fungus that smells from bacteria, spores float and grow in the air, so it is efficient to prevent and sterilize the growth.

NEOCL-ClO2's strong oxidizing power destroys bacterial cell membranes, cracks and destroys bacterial nuclei, and prevents the occurrence of resistant bacteria. Eliminates harmful bacteria such as various pathogenic bacteria and food poisoning bacteria and fungal bacteria found in the house

Virus Sterilization Mechanism of NEOCL-ClO2

Hazardous Virus Removal- damages the DNA structure of the virus and stops replication to remove it.

Effective for corona virus,swine flu, foot and mouth disease, pathogenic virus, etc.

  • Virus

  • Damage on DNA and Membrane

  • No Replication (Cell wall damage)

Destroys the virus's DNA structure, stopping its replication and eliminating it.

It is sterilized because it is impossible to land and replicate on the cell wall due to damage of DNA structure.

Sterilization and control of Corona Virus,'Swine Flu, foot and mouth disease, pathogenic virus, etc.' certified through NeoCL-ClO2 authorized test institute

Test of pathogenicbacteria and virus

Powerful Sterilization & Virus Removal

pathogenic bacteria time(sec) removal ppm
Food poisoning bacteria including enteritis (Vibrio) 60 (10>) 99.99% 10ppm
E.Coli 10> 99.999% 1ppm
Staphylococcus aureus 10> 99.999% 1ppm
pathogenic bacteria time(sec) removal ppm
salmonella 10> 99.9% 1ppm
shigella 10> 99.9% 1ppm
pseudomonas 30> 99.9% 1ppm
superbacteria irradication 99.99% 1ppm
virus(H1N1) irradication 99.99% 3ppm
(O-157/food poisoning) 60> (10>) 99.9% 10ppm
swine fever & FMD(Foot-Mouth) 60> (10>) 99.9% 10ppm

* Mostly sterilized under 1ppm low concentration / Most harmful bacteria are removed

※ Inspection Institution

  • Korea Health Industry Development Institute

    Seoul Metropolitan Institute of Health and Environment

    Korea Environmental Water Research Institute

    Korea Convergence Testing Institute

    Flu Virus Research Institute, College of Veterinary Medicine, Chungnam National University

    LEGOCHEM Bioscience